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You will find a seemingly infinite variety of toys and treats at Pet Pantry—something to make every cat and dog think their humans are pretty special.


Nothing says “I Love You” like a yummy biscuit, freeze-dried meat morsel, or jerky strip. We select treats that are made from quality ingredients, without dyes, chemical preservatives, and fillers. Choosing the right treat depends upon how it will be used. For example, need to keep your dog busy while satisfying his urge to chew? Try a bone, antler, bully stick, rawhide, or rawhide alternative. There are also treats for both dogs and cats that provide therapeutic benefit, such as dental products, glucosamine for joints, probiotics for digestion, and calming herbs. And cats sometimes need extra help with hairball problems or in maintaining a healthy urinary tract.


In the pet market, one area of constant development and change involves play—which makes choosing toys both fun and challenging. At Pet Pantry, we strive to offer old favorites and a great selection of what’s new. Among our ever-changing inventory of quality toys, you can find: interactive products that jump-start activity and play between you and your pet; tough toys to be chewed and chased; cat toys that stimulate the hunt and catch instincts; and soft toys that provide comfort and satisfy your dog’s nurturing urge. Plus, don’t forget your cat’s special catnip toy!

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Q. I have enrolled Fido in school. What treat should I select for training?

A. Training treats are generally small, soft, and very tasty. They should be small and soft so that they don’t distract the dog from the job at hand while providing nutritional value. Pet Pantry offers pre-packaged treats designed for training, and carries several brands and flavors of meat rolls that can be cut into just-right-sized pieces.

Q. Are catnip toys safe for my cat?

A. Yes, catnip is perfectly safe for your cat. Catnip is a natural herb in the mint family, and it acts as a natural mood enhancer for most cats. “Under the influence,” she might become more playful or affectionate, or simply relaxed and content. At Pet Pantry, our catnip is always grown in the USA, and is organic, pesticide free, and potent.