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At Pet Pantry, we are pleased to offer most of the top-rated brands of dog food. All brands we carry are made from specific sources of protein—such as lamb, chicken, or salmon. We don’t carry brands that use “crude” protein or meat byproducts, which can originate from any animal and may include indigestible parts. The sources of carbohydrates range from the tried-and-true standards of rice and oatmeal to grain-free products in which carbohydrates come from potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. We also have many grain-free and gluten-free options.

Below you’ll see our most popular brands. If you would like to compare products, or have questions about food components, just ask our team—or click on the links below, which will take you directly to their company websites.

Premium Dry Foods


Raw Foods

Freeze-dried raw diets for dogs and cats:

We also have a small selection of frozen foods, and we look forward to expanding our line!


Need Help?

Our staff wants to help your pet to be healthy and happy. Please reach out if you have any questions.

You can also check out our
Dog Food FAQs.

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Q.  Why does Pet Pantry stock so many types of dog food?

A.  Because there are so many dogs, all with specific needs. The best food for your dog depends upon a pet’s breed, age, activity level, and health conditions—along with the philosophy and budget of his human companion. Our staff can help you to interpret the ingredients lists on pet foods to discover if they are truly meeting your needs. Start with these helpful hints:

•  Select food that fits your dog’s age. Most brands have unique formulas for puppy, adult, and senior. In addition, we have foods for both extra-active dogs and “snooze hounds.”

•  One of the biggest factors in choosing your dog’s food is the source of protein—which may come from meat and non-meat sources, such as legumes. While meat protein is often preferred for dogs, meat is also more expensive. We have brands to choose from that are both healthy and affordable.

•  If a dog has allergies or other health issues, she may need a “limited-ingredient” food. Pet Pantry offers many options for limited-ingredient food that generally contains a single source of protein, with or without grains.

Q. I recently adopted a dog needing a forever home. Her skin is flaking and the coat lackluster. Do you have a suggestion to get a nice shiny coat?

A. Skin and coat problems are generally the result of poor nutrition. In addition to digestible protein, her diet must contain essential fatty acids. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are key for good health and a clean, shiny coat. The fatty acids come through quality ingredients in your dog’s food, and corresponding levels can be found in the nutritional analysis. In the initial phases of restoring your new pet to good health, you may supplement the fatty acids with plant and fish oils.